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2013 - Pecha Kucha

In 2013 Arts Upper Hunter held 2 Pecha Kuchas.  

Japanese for chit chat, Pecha Kucha started in Japan in 2003 as a way for young designers to show and talk about their work. Each presenter had twenty slides asting twenty seconds each, a total of six minutes and forty seconds, over which they discussed their work. Since then the format has been used and adapted worldwide in all sorts of settings but maintained a focus on cultural activity.


 At the Muswellbrook Pecha Kucha we had artists: Roger Skinner – photographer,  Arti Trasi  - Indian dancer and a mindfulness meditation practitioner, David Mahoney – sculptor, Brad Franks – art worker who gave a thought provoking talk about Aboriginal rock art in the Upper Hunter, Simone Bailey- published author,  Lucy Vader - painter and sculptor,  Casey Lee - tattooist  and Leonine Rogers – author. 

At the Singleton Pecha Kucha we had artists: Will Maguire – artist blacksmith, filmmaker Dan Morgan, theatreworker Dan Stranger, poet and painter Neville Briggs and visual artists Leanne Davy, Denise Hedges and Rebecca Rath will each share the ups and downs of creativity. In addition, the Australian Infantry Museum will discuss the challenges of maintaining a large and unique collection of national significance.


Each presentation was followed by a short question time.


Images: Top- Denise Hedges, photographer Jan Fallding. 2nd - Arti Trasi, photographer Roger Skinner

Images were courtesy of the photographers.