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"2014 - Arts Upper Hunter presents workshops for local disability service providers. "

Arts Upper Hunter brought didgeridu virtuoso Charlie McMahon to the Upper Hunter for workshops with disability service providers Witmore Enterprises in Singleton, Koora Industries in Muswellbrook and The Cottage in Gloucester.

The workshops started with Charlie performing and worked up to participants joining in on the didgeribone and synthesiser, with lots of clapping, chatter and some impromptu dancing.

The workshops were Arts Upper Hunter's first practical foray into disability arts and we want to thank Cathy Akers from Witmore Enterprises, Robyn Mainey from Koora Industries and Nicky Dowsett from The Cottage for their support.

Funded by NSW Government through Arts NSW and Ageing, Disability and Home Care.

Image of Charlie McMahon courtesy of Witmore Enterprises Inc.