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Birch, Elizabeth

I enjoy creating things in different mediums, from cottons to silk and lots of threads bring the projects together.  Recently I have been using paints and dyes on glass, silk and other fabrics and I have been delighted with the colours and outcomes.


Colstoun, Didier

Trained in Fine Arts and Design Didier is not limited nor specialised in an any traditional inclinations for artists, but utilities a combination of well 24 acquired techniques to create works in 2 and 3D with diverse medi ...

Hanicar, Janice

My interest in the visual arts began with ceramics, with the construction of hand built large slab and coiled forms. The organic nature of clay fired my imagination to explore shape and form and the various marks you could create on the clay surface....

Maguire, William

I work with hot steel forging and manipulating it, striving to make forms that are beautiful, genuine and new.

Pitkin, Katherine

Various items: Handspun, hand dyed wools made into knit /weaving clothes or furnishings, socks, hats beanies, gloves, vests, scarfs, throws etc. Also supply small various shaped weaving looms kits and Timber Gumnut Knitting Needles. Recycled shopping b ...

Ramsay, Barbara

Barbara Ramsay moved to the wilderness of the Barrington tops in 2009. Since then she has been surrounded by the beauty of the local wildlife and the forest.

Having been involved with her husband making sculptured furniture, Barbara has chosen ...

Ramsay, Edward

Ed has a unique talent for creating marvellous furniture.

Ray, Carol

I was inspired to learn the art of creating handmade felt from a dear friend Mrs. Margaret Lee. I am a member of the Canberra Region Feltmakers Inc. The art of felting has been used around the world for many centuries to make clothing, shelter and art. ...

The Felt Stitch Dye Garden

Jen Trevethan and Kat Wittmann together comprise The Felt Stitch Dye Garden. We work with fibre and textiles, making original items inspired by nature and made by hand. Jen’s wall hangings are a contemporary take on traditional craft, woven with luxuri ...

Wilson, Cheryl

Cheryl is a glass artist from Muswellbrook.


What is leadlight?
Leadlighting is the craft of scoring and breaking glass and then joining it ...

Wright, Stephen

The idea is to get a dead tree, slab it, dry it, and make it into something long lasting and practical.

Zehentner, Erwin

On my original blog, I wrote I was sometimes given money, and sometimes an award for my Art, but never enough of either. Well, no more. The Singleton Show Art Section provided rich pickings, as my 6 entries rewarded me with 5 ribbons of all colours. Wo ...