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Drake-Brockman, Charlotte

I have always constructed some sort of art/sculpture. As a mixed media artist there is a vast scope for expression using available materials such as recycled metals, plastics as well as paper, canvas and paint. I enjoy the production, experimentations ...

Duncan, Natalie

My work explores the special connection between women and clay, we have always had a relationship to ceramics. Paleolithic fingerprints captured in the very first vessels ever made, all belong to women. It is with the vessel that I explore this relatio ...

Esteves, Irene

Clay is my passion, I love to push its' boundaries. I work in earthenware and porcelain; casting, throwing and hand building. I specialise in primitive firing but also employ dry and shiny glaze and use decals. Some of my work is inspired by the sea, s ...

Donna Cavanough vocals and bangy things, Lenny Burgess guitar, John O’Brien vibraphone and whatever else he can get his hands on. Eclectic, sometimes smooth sometimes grungy jazz with vibes.

Listen to gleaning the blues, guys a ...

Feeney, Helen

My maiden name was Leape – we used to tell people we were named after our Great, Great, Great Grandfather who discovered that there were 365 and quarter days in one year and it was his decision to put the quarters together to create a ‘Leap’ year – 29t ...

Gabriellah, Tia

At the age of 47 after an emotional breakdown and 6 months of therapy to heal the scars created from violent and emotionally abusive step fathers, I picked up a paint brush for the first time and changed my life forever.

I found through paintin ...

Hails, Lleyton

Lleyton is a young filmmaker from Scone.  He participated in the Blue Heeler Film Festival for three years winning three awards including The Bluey (best short film).  He was a finalist in the 2016 Dungog Festival. Lleyton was recently nominated for a ...

Harrison, Jeanne

I have been recycling works from prints that I have cut, torn and arranged to make new work. I enjoy the process of placing these pieces together which then leads to abstract images celebrating colour and texture.

Hedges, Denise

My art comes from the heart, it something that comes from within. My name is Denise Hedges and I was born and raised in the Hunter Valley. As my ancestors did before me. My family have a close cultural tie to the Wanaruah land and I express my connecti ...

Heycox, Jemma (Jemzie)

My art is mainly about things I’m interested in,  expression,  cartoons,  and symbolism. I love expressing feelings and making questions with my art. My last body of work was titled “my world” I painted and printed things that my head thinks about,  no ...

Hodges, Alison

Did you know a butterfly has to flap its wings 897 times to cross Trafalgar Square?

Kay, Hanna

My artwork is essentially an outpouring of uncertainties; a dialogue between the probable and the improbable. A painting of mine is not a statement, rather, it is a droplet of urges in an infinite stream of images, some of which will become artworks, w ...

King, Muriel

I enjoy entering local exhibitions.

Kisi, John

My experiences of craftmanship in Arts would be summed up in one word - MATTER. The refinement of all he elements (quantum physics). All things made through space, time and man are from wonders of the world. From the Old World through to the New world. ...

KYDA - Dario Portolan and Kylie Curnuck

KYDA is a dynamic duo performing a range of pop, rock and country music. This vibrant team have taken their love of music and performing to produce an entertainment experience. Join us now to see what it is about this dynamic duo that has made them spe ...

Leane, Helene

I make artwork which centre on the natural environment.  I mainly uses two mediums to create my work, acrylic paint on canvas and gouache in a printmaking process, the monotype.  Both mediums enable me to create sensitive landscapes which are often dra ...

Lunney, Marie

Creating art is what makes me happy and excited about what will emerge on the canvas. I use a variety of mediums, including oils, acrylics, pastel, ink and charcoal. I have explored a variety of subjects including portraiture, landscapes, still life an ...

Maguire, William

I work with hot steel forging and manipulating it, striving to make forms that are beautiful, genuine and new.

Mahony, David

I am a painter, untutored and new primitive in style. Subjects are often whimsical with narrative and strong colour. Established an art gallery/cafe in Sandy Hollow in 2002. Represented locally, in Europe, Asia, Russia and at the Ourimbah TAFE NSW.

Malmgren, Karen

The beauty of Australia inspires me, in particular the harsh outback & glorious beaches, I try to paint not just what I see but what I feel inside, the power of Mother Nature, the desolation as well as the beauty. I paint for sheer pleasure, but lo ...