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Visual Artists

Anderson, Louise

A friend once said to me, “When you go to heaven, God will ask you if you used the talent that He gave you to help others…and you will be able to answer yes”
I aspire to achieve just that.

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Atkins, Leanne

Growing up on the land with hard working farming parents has influenced my perspective on life and established the values I have today. This is reflected in my art work, always taking time to appreciate the beauty in the small things that surround me, ...

Augl, Phillippa

Coming originally from New Zealand and moved to the Country in 1989 and set up a Business in Salisbury, now she wants to cncentrate on her art practice and getting to know other artists in the region. "the more I learn-the more I do not know".

Brager, Rene

I have lived at Paterson in the Hunter Valley, NSW since moving from Sydney in 1990. I studied Ceramics at Meadowbank TAFE and the National Art School, East Sydney in the early 80s after extensive travel in Asia, Europe, UK and Ireland.

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Bryan, Barry


Basically self taught and have been painting for just over ten years. I have been fortunate enough to secure  a number of awards at different exhibitions over time such as at Scone, Inverell, Currabubula and Gunnedah. I have a permanent exhib ...

Butta, Maude

I am an artist and have been practicing and studying art for last 20 years. I have exhibited my art annually for the past 3 years at Tartuca Cafe, Denman.

I love to paint and I am always looking for different ways to produce my art. I try to at ...

Byrne, Teresa

I am a visual artist, specialising in portraiture; mediums of choice being pencil, pastel, oil, acrylic and watercolour. I am inspired by nature and convey my love of animals and the environment through my art, sometimes with a quirky twist.

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Cameron-Roberts, Shirley

My paintings and drawings are heavily influenced by repetition of pattern in the natural world. It began in my childhood while wandering with my father under the red gums on the banks of the Murray River on the family farm in Victoria. Now, living near ...

Cavanough, Donna

Living in the Gresford area, I am profoundly affected by the natural beauty here. I desire to express what I see and feel, and document my experience of the pattern of country life in both minute and macro images.

Colstoun, Didier

Trained in Fine Arts and Design Didier is not limited nor specialised in an any traditional inclinations for artists, but utilities a combination of well 24 acquired techniques to create works in 2 and 3D with diverse medi ...

Cox, Stacey

Stacey creates beautiful paintings, drawings and printmaking. Her influences are often evoked from crime and mystery novels and weekend outings.

Stacey works from her studio in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.


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Darcy, David

Born in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, David Darcy developed a keen interest in photography from an early age and won several national  photographic awards as a teenager. Over the past sixteen years David has become one of Australia’s leaving a ...

Davis, Andrew

My objective, is to make art fun and inclusive. I like projects that provide opportunities for social networking, community building, to learn new skills, be involved, and add value to locations. I enjoy partnering with community organisations to achie ...

Dawson, Stuart

I have been painting for many years after being tutored for 5 years by Fred Roberts renowned Traditional Artist. I am a passionate Rural Australian and enjoy painting traditional subjects eg; landscapes, animals, buildings.

Den-Ouden, Hank

My Paintings are images of the Australian landscape and rural buildings started 'in the field' and finished in the studio.

Drake-Brockman, Charlotte

I have always constructed some sort of art/sculpture. As a mixed media artist there is a vast scope for expression using available materials such as recycled metals, plastics as well as paper, canvas and paint. I enjoy the production, experimentations ...

Duncan, Natalie

Natalie is a ceramicist from Dungog and many of her works “reflect the special connection between women and ceramics”.  She recently won the 2017 Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize with her artwork “Kimmy K Artamidae”.


Esteves, Irene

Clay is my passion, I love to push its' boundaries. I work in earthenware and porcelain; casting, throwing and hand building. I specialise in primitive firing but also employ dry and shiny glaze and use decals. Some of my work is inspired by the sea, s ...

Gabriellah, Tia

At the age of 47 after an emotional breakdown and 6 months of therapy to heal the scars created from violent and emotionally abusive step fathers, I picked up a paint brush for the first time and changed my life forever.

I found through paintin ...

Hanicar, Janice

My interest in the visual arts began with ceramics, with the construction of hand built large slab and coiled forms. The organic nature of clay fired my imagination to explore shape and form and the various marks you could create on the clay surface....