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Anderson, Louise

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Louise Anderson is a registered nurse from the Singleton region. Nine months ago she picked up a paint brush and tested out her skills at painting. Louise posted a photo of the painting on social media and has been receiving orders ever since.

Louise is hosting “Dialysis in The Country”, on Sunday 9 April at Glendon to raise funds for Kidney Health Australia and awareness about chronic kidney disease. Art exhibition, silent auction, live music, and refreshments.


How long have your been creating?
I used to do ceramics in high school and sell my creations at local markets. I didn’t consider myself much of a painter though, it was a skill I didn’t believe I had. I then left school and pursued a career in nursing. Nine months ago I picked up a paintbrush to try my skills at painting a cow for a family member. I posted a photo of the completed painting on social media and I suddenly started getting orders that have not stopped. So it seems maybe I can paint!

How have you developed your skills?
I have plans for art lessons one day when I have more time (I am a single Mum), however until then I get tips from Lisa at That Little Art Place. However being so new to this, every artwork is a new challenge and helps develop my skills.   

What characterizes your work?
I like to think it is colour and character.

Why do you do it?
The expressions on the faces of my buyers when they see the finished product is priceless. I have had tears many times, that’s a good feeling!

Where does your inspiration come from?
I have only been doing commissions, however if a buyer gives me the reins a little on the style or colour, I will often find inspiration from the personality of the buyer (or owner of the artwork) and character of the animal that they’ve asked me to paint (if an animal is the subject). Asking for the story of how that pet came into their life or out of, can give me a lot to work with. Emotion’s provoke a lot of inspiration for me.

Could you please tell me about the “Brushed by the Soul” Art Exhibition you are organising.
I am a registered nurse and work in a small dialysis unit. I wanted do something as a tribute to my patients. And so from a conversation with a patient an idea was born. “Dialysis in The Country” will be held at Little Paddocks Chapel, Glendon on Sunday April 9th. The event is to raise money for kidney health Australia and has been supported by many local businesses. There will be a silent auction held for sale of the paintings and one painting will be raffled off on the day. I like to say ‘Come along and learn more about the faces of our local dialysis patients’ – that will make sense when you get there!

What do you see as the benefits to you as an artist from living in a regional area in Australia?
Word of mouth is a big benefit in a regional area, it isn’t hard to reach people and get your name out there. I also find I get a lot of guidance and support from other local artists and old fashioned service form the local art shop, they know me and they look after me.

For more information or to contact Louise please visit: 

Facebook: Brushed by the soul – Louise Anderson
Instagram: Brushed_by_the_soul

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Acrylic and watercolour.