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"Figurative Evolutions" by Ira Hollway and Roger Skinner

"Figurative Evolutions" by Ira Hollway and Roger Skinner

06 January - 25 February 2018

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Small Forest Wine

"The title chosen for this exhibition is all about where we come from and where we are going, all of us everyday. We all go about doing what has to be done, slowly evolving mentally and emotional and some say spiritually. Be that as it may, the constancy of change is what excites today’s artists whilst at the same time, being repellent to others. The only constant is change as we evolve. People migrated across landmasses, evolving. People blended into other cultures evolving , each with a story of its own. Is that just part of an evolutionary process to react in the negative to the constancy of change? Come back and ask me in a hundred and fifty years… I might be closer to the answer.

An artist and friend once remarked “Everyone has the urge to create, only in the artist it is more urgent” When that urgency of artmaking is applied to photographic image making, then the evolution of the image is sped up to a feverish pace. With today’s image manipulation technology, that, is manifest. So what this show is about, is demonstrating the results of the change of pace of image evolution. Some are almost “base” images with no manipulations being performed during post processing, others are highly articulated answers to the artist’s need to chase down, where an image can go (evolve) and how quickly ,in the rapacious desire for the next image."

Roger Skinner Curator.


Dates: Saturday 6 January to Sunday 25 February 2018

Venue: Small Forest Vineyard, 5052 Jerrys Plains Rd, Denman.

Open: Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm.

More details: Call Roger Skinner on 0407 002 777