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Hanna Kay open studio

Hanna Kay open studio

20 May 2018

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Hanna Kay Studio

Before Hanna Kay takes her artworks for her next exhibition to Sydney she is holding an open day at her studio and pavilion. 

Hanna will shortly be opening EQUILIBRIUM 2 at the Janet Clayton Gallery, Paddington, Sydney. The following is part of her artist statement.

" This body of work is inspired by my immediate natural surroundings in the small rural village in which I live. My daily walks are framed by fields of feral grasses and weeds stretching from one side where the trees edge the river bank, to the other side, reaching the slopes of the ranges. In some seasons, the dew on the tall weeping stalks will glitter in the rising sun, while the setting evening sun will catch the tips of motionless grasses turning the fields bronze. At other times the grasses are short, either frost bitten or drought thirsty. But whether towering or low, the grasses always support a plethora of living creatures. At best we call this multiplicity of flora cattle feed, but usually they are simply annoying weeds."


Date: Sunday 20 May 2018

Time: Midday to 4pm.

Venue: Hanna Kay studio, 100 River Rd, Blandford.