Kay, Hanna

My artwork is essentially an outpouring of uncertainties; a dialogue between the probable and the improbable. A painting of mine is not a statement, rather, it is a droplet of urges in an infinite stream of images, some of which will become artworks, w ...

Category:Visual Artists
King, Muriel

I enjoy entering local exhibitions.

Category:Visual Artists
Kisi, John

My experiences of craftmanship in Arts would be summed up in one word - MATTER. The refinement of all he elements (quantum physics). All things made through space, time and man are from wonders of the world. From the Old World through to the New world. ...

Category:Visual Artists
KYDA - Dario Portolan and Kylie Curnuck

KYDA is a dynamic duo performing a range of pop, rock and country music. This vibrant team have taken their love of music and performing to produce an entertainment experience. Join us now to see what it is about this dynamic duo that has made them spe ...