Ramsay, Barbara

Barbara Ramsay moved to the wilderness of the Barrington tops in 2009. Since then she has been surrounded by the beauty of the local wildlife and the forest.

Having been involved with her husband making sculptured furniture, Barbara has chosen ...

Ramsay, Edward

Ed has a unique talent for creating marvellous furniture.

Rath, Rebecca

If my paintings are dramatic or foreboding, just the way the sky looks before or during a storm, it’s because I wish for the viewer to experience that same intensity I see. I want the viewer to take a moment to reflect both on the minuteness of being h ...

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Ray, Carol

I was inspired to learn the art of creating handmade felt from a dear friend Mrs. Margaret Lee. I am a member of the Canberra Region Feltmakers Inc. The art of felting has been used around the world for many centuries to make clothing, shelter and art. ...


Bringing the religious spirit alive through film.
The Religious Short Film Prize is an opportunity for film-makers to explore the religious quest through a powerful contemporary medium.
Film-makers from all religions or non-religion are invit ...

Closing Date30/04/2018
Richards, Peter James

Artist Statement

Named Peter Richards, I grew up in South Australia, until I moved to the Upper Hunter, New South Wales, in my early twenties. I live with my loving spouse, May, and four children, Kelly-Anne, Matthew, Patrick, ...

Rogers, Leonie

Originally from Western Australia, Leonie now lives in NSW in the Upper Hunter.  She is the author of Frontier Incursion, Frontier Resistance, and Frontier Defiant (YA Speculative Fiction) published by Hague Publishing, and also works part time as a ph ...

Rubeli, Ken

Ken has spent all his working life focused on the outdoors and wild places, especially rainforest.  He has applied his skills as a writer and photographer in conservation campaigns in Malaysia and in the Williams valley where he lives, and in recording ...

Rudak, Marilyn

I have been involved in art all my life in some form or other. Always changing, experimenting and learning.

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