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Erwin Zehentner's launches "My Life In Boxes"

Last Thursday night's book launch for Erwin Zehentner's memoirs "My Life In Boxes" was attended by friends and visitors
from Aberdeen to Branxton, and an enjoyable evening was spent quizzing the author about the various aspects of his life.

He revealed that over the last 6 score and 14 years, he actively participated in 10 or so activities, ranging from High School Rugby[an almost champion team] to Racing Motor Cycles[ a Moto cross champion of sorts], Rallying and club motor sport to Sailing and Kids sport, culminating in one of them qualifying for the 2000 Olympics for the equestrian team.

He said, “When the kids grew up, I resurrected my career as artist, and picked up the pen again to write this guff and a whole lot of other things. The book was inspired by my Sister, who thought it may be advisable to write it all down before it all goes”.

The book is available from the author at $15.00 plus postage, address is 1/5 Bass Close Singleton Heights 2330 or from or Amazon.com, Biography, Erwin Zehentner.

Media release and image courtesy of Erwin Zehentner.